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Main About hotel Accommodation rules

Accommodation rules

at the hotel «Volgograd»

1.​ General information

1.1. These rules are developed in accordance with the rules of hotel services of the Russian Federation approved by the Russian Federation Government Decree #1853 dated 18.11.2020 and the Russian Federation Law «On Protection of Consumers' Rights».

1.2. Ltd. «The hotel complex «Volgograd» (hereinafter - Hotel) is represented by the Executive Director, acting on the basis of General Power of Attorney, Certificate of entry in the register and Certificate of assigning the Hotel the ***** category (five stars).

1.3. The Hotel is a property complex, designed to provide a range of services for temporary accommodation of citizens, including related services.

1.4. The Hotel room capacity includes rooms of the high category - Suite, Luxe, Junior Suite with city view, Junior Suite with courtyard view, rooms of the first category -  Double with city view, Double with courtyard view, twin. All rooms are equipped with equipment, furniture, bedding and other inventory and sanitary items, intended to ensure the living conditions stipulated by the requirements for the hotel of ***** category (five stars).

1.5. Guest is a citizen who has an intention to order or buy or who orders, purchases and (or) uses the hotel services exclusively for personal and other needs not related to business activities.

2.​ Booking

2.1. Accommodation services are provided prior reservation. Accommodation on the arrival without prior booking depends upon availability. Guests can book a room by paying it before checking in (guaranteed reservation see item 2.5), or without payment (non-guaranteed reservation see item 2.2).

2.2. Non-guaranteed reservation is a room booking when the payment is made by guest upon arrival at the reception. With non-guaranteed reservation the booking confirmation is sent to Guest by the Hotel, no financial guarantees are provided by Guest. The booking confirmation should indicate the room category, booking conditions, terms and accommodation costs.

2.3.With non-guaranteed reservations the Hotel awaits guests within 24 hours from a check-in date. After 12:00 pm the day following the day of the scheduled arrival, a reservation is automatically canceled, the Hotel obligations on accommodation are terminated and the accommodation is provided if there are spare rooms available on a common basis.

2.4. Financial obligations between the Hotel and Guest do not occur with non-guaranteed reservations.

2.5. Guaranteed reservation is a room booking, when the Hotel awaits guests within 24 hours from the check-in date. Reservation is guaranteed by an advance payment (at least for the first night), or by providing credit card details with the guest agreement to withdraw funds from the account by the Hotel.

2.6. In case of Guest late cancellation, late arrival or no show the Hotel charges Guest the first night stay and refunds the remaining sum of the advance payment according to the chosen hotel booking tariff.

* With the delay more than 1 day a guaranteed reservation is canceled.

* No refund is processed when Guest cancels the booking made upon Nonrefundable tariff or there is a no show. The dates cannot be changed for a non refundable reservation.

2.7. Prepayment of guaranteed reservations is made by means of bank or credit card transfer, as well as any other means of cash or cashless payment. Payment is considered to be produced in the case of funds entered the hotel account not later than 2 (two) days prior to guest arrival. In the case of non-payment the guaranteed reservation is automatically changed into non-guaranteed.

3. Guest registration

3.1. Hotel opens 7/24. Technical break takes place daily from 00:00 to 00:30 (night audit).

3.2. Guests are checked in upon presentation of the following documents:

Persons under 14 are registered upon presentation of a birth certificate, identity documents of their parents (adoptive parents) or accompanying persons providing the written consent of legal representatives (power of attorney).

In the absence of legal representatives underage persons over 14 are registered upon presentation of their identity documents and the written consent of legal representatives (power of attorney).

3.3. Check-out time is 12:00 pm local time. Guest can check in after 02:00 pm and should check out before 12:00 pm. Early check in from 00:00 am to 02:00 pm depends upon availability.

3.4. Late checkout is a subject to availability.

3.5. In the case Guest does not check out for more than two hours (after checkout time) without payment and leave personal things in a room, an inventory is made and Guest property is moved and stored in the luggage room.

3.6. When checking in Guest and Hotel sign an agreement for accommodation – registration card that contains all essential terms of providing hotel services.

The guest is given a guest card and the electr onic room key valid for the paid period.

3.7. Upon detection of loss of personal belongings (out of the room), the guest card or electronic key Guest should immediately inform the reception in order to take necessary measures for searching the missing items.

3.8. Guest resettlement into another room can only be made with his consent.

3.9. Settlement of the 2nd guest is only possible with the consent of both guests.

3.10. Persons who violate public rules are not accommodated at the hotel.

3.11. Guest can use the following free services:

4.​ Payment for accommodation and services

4.1. Payment for accommodation and services provided by the hotel is made in rubles and can be done by cash, non-cash, credit cards accepted at the hotel.

4.2. The fee for the entire accommodation period is charged by advance payment with the Guest consent.

4.3. The prices for accommodation at the hotel are established by the Executive Director per room per night.

4.4. With a guaranteed early check in (before 02:00 pm) an additional daily cost is charged.

4.5. In case of late check out the accommodation costs are charged as follows:

4.6. In the case when the Hotel cannot provide accommodation to Guest under the terms of confirmed reservation, the Hotel provides free room upgrade.

4.7. Children under 12 (on presentation of certificate of birth) are not charged for accommodation services when accommodated with their parents (guardians) in the same room without a separate bed. Baby cot is provided free of charge for children up to 3 years..

* When providing additional bed for children up to 12 years guest is fully charged according to the hotel price list for accommodation services.

4.8. The hotel offers additional paid services on Guest request according to the established Hotel list of services.

* Number of baby cots and extra beds is limited; their availability should be confirmed at the reception.

5.​ Accommodation rules

5.1 In accordance with the rules of hotel services of the Russian Federation approved by the Russian Federation Government Decree #1853 dated 18.11.2020 the Guest is obliged to follow the accommodation rules established at the Hotel.

5.2 Smoking is not allowed in the hotel rooms, conference halls, restaurant and other public areas due to the claim 5, Part 1, Article 12 of the Federal Law №15-FZ dated 23.10.2013 «On protection of citizens' health from exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco consumption». Violation of the aforementioned law requires complex additional cleaning of rooms and public areas, therefore the Hotel has the right to recover costs from Guest according to the established room cost.

5.3 In order to comply with fire safety regulations while staying at the hotel Guest DO NOT:

5.3.1 Use open fire, non-standard (that are not settled in rooms) faulty electric heaters and extension cords, adapters, etc.

5.3.2. Keep and bring in non flammable and flammable materials, potent poisonous substances, bulky items. Bulky items should be stored in luggage room. Luggage storage is available only for hotel guests.

5.3.3. Cover switched on floor lamps and table lamps.

5.3.4. Disable and remove the elements of the hotel fire protection system.

5.4. In order to comply with the accommodation rules while staying at the hotel Guest DO NOT:

5.4.1. Disturb residents after 10:00 pm.

5.4.2. Pass electronic room key and guest card to persons who do not stay at the hotel.

5.4.3. Leave unauthorized persons alone in a room and children unattended.

5.4.4. Violate sanitary standards and requirements to maintain cleanliness in the hotel room.

5.4.5. Dispose garbage, bottles and other objects from the hotel windows.

5.4.6. Bring out linen, towels and inventory of rooms.

5.4.7. Rearrange furniture.

5.5. When checking out Guest should return the electronic room key to the reception.

5.6. Visitors may stay in hotel rooms from 8 am till 11 pm only with a duly single permission.

5.7. To pass after 11 pm visitors must pay for the accommodation and be registered in accordance with item 3.2. of these Rules.

5.8. Pets accommodation of dogs and cats of small and medium-sized breeds weighing up to 10 kg is allowed. On the arrival Guest is obliged to read and sign the «Rules for guests with pets». The hotel has the right to decide whether it is possible to provide accommodation with pets in the room or not.

5.9. People with disabilities are allowed to accommodate with their guide dogs. Staying with wild animals is prohibited.

5.10. The hotel has the right to terminate the service agreement with the guest in the case of repeated or gross violation of these Rules. In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation Guest pays the cost of the provided services, compensates the damage in case of loss or damage to the hotel property and is responsible for other violations.

6.​ Guest rights and obligations

6.1. Upon detection of shortcomings of the provided services Guest has the right to demand the following:

6.1.1. Free elimination of defects.

6.1.2. Equivalent services.

6.1.3. Corresponding discount for the service.

6.2. Guests staying at the Hotel have the right to terminate the contract with the Hotel at any time, after paying the Hotel for provided services.

6.3. Guest in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation shall refund the damage in case of loss or damage to the hotel property and is also responsible for other violations.

7.​ Hotel rights and obligations

7.1. The hotel rooms are daily cleaned, towels are daily changed. Linen change is carried out in accordance with the housekeeping standards of the hotel «Volgograd» and the requirements of the classification to ***** category (five stars).

7.2. The Hotel is obliged to eliminate the revealed shortcomings in provided services and is responsible for its actions in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

7.3. Personal data security is guaranteed to Guests by the Hotel in accordance with the Federal Law № 152-FZ «On personal data» dated 27.06.2006

7.4. The Hotel guarantees the safety of Guest personal things placed in the room and luggage room in case of keeping these Rules. The Hotel is not responsible for the loss of cash, credit cards and other currency, jewelry, valuables that are not deposited in the safe at the reception desk.

7.5. Forgotten items are recorded in a special register and stored in the luggage room but for no longer than 6 (six) months.

7.6.Guestbook is located at the reception and is issued upon request.

7.7. Guests claims in written form are answered within 1 day from the date of their submission.

7.8. The Hotel is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages and / or loss of profit, which may occur due to the temporary interruptions in the work of telephone and / or mobile (cellular) communication line and / or access to the Internet and / or failures in their implementation, as well as other circumstances beyond the control and / or the fault of the Hotel.

7.9. In case of the Hotel violation of these Rules the protection of guests is held according to the procedure established by the Russian Federation Law «On Protection of Consumers' Rights».

8.​ Other conditions

8.1. When registering at the Hotel Guest is given a registration card (a contract), sales receipt, slip when paying by credit card, a copy of the invoice certified by the signature of the authorized person and Hotel stamp.

8.2. Individual entrepreneurs and legal parties are provided with the service acceptance act and pro forma invoice within 5 (five) working days after the end of services provided. The service acceptance act should be signed by an individual entrepreneur or legal party and returned to the Hotel not later than 5 (five) working days from the date of its receipt. These documents can be issued by Guest on behalf of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur with the presentation of the company power of attorney.

8.3. In the case of booking or purchasing of hotel services by the Customer - legal entity or individual entrepreneur, the amount and terms of advance payment and other conditions of hotel services (including, but not limited to guaranteed early check in) are regulated by the agreement signed between Customer and Hotel and may differ from those contained in these Rules.