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History of the hotel is its way since 1890.
In 1890 a three-storey building of the first city hotel, Solichnye Nomera, for 75 persons was built in the central square of Tsaritsyn, which was then called Alexandrovskaya. The building belonged to Vasily Voronin, merchant of the 1 guild, honorable citizen of Tsarytsyn, one of the biggest factory and house owners in the city.

  • Construction of the Stolichnye nomera Hotel
  • Construction of the Stolichnye nomera Hotel
  • Tsaritsyn city, Stolichnye nomera
  • Tsaritsyn city, Stolichnye nomera and the Square of Sorrow
  • Victory parade against the background of the ruined hotel, May 1945

Tsaritsyn Merchants’ Exchange and Buff Theater

Tsaritsyn merchants’ exchange was located in the restaurant from 1895. In the restaurant hall, as one of the contemporaries wrote, “major deals for tens of thousands pounds of caviar, sturgeon and herring were made while enjoying wine, snacks and French cabaret tunes”.

The Buff Theater was situated at the hotel. The performances were well past midnight. As for entertainment the Buff management were at their best. If earnings dropped, they announced a masquerade ball. The inhabitants of Tsaritsyn were keen on them: they could arrange a chic masquerade “Night in Sorrento” or a marvel masquerade “In the realm of spring and love”.

Revolutionary Times

In 1918 the Stolichnye Nomera Hotel hosted the Regional Emergency Food Committee of the South of Russia and the editorial board of the Revolution Soldier newspaper. The Committee was engaged in procurement of ammunition and supply of provisions for the Red Army.

In June 1918 I.Stalin and S. Ordzhonikidze. arrived in Tsaritsyn. They stayed in the rooms of the hotel. J.Stalin supervised the work of the Committee there.

After the Civil War the name “Stolichnye Nomera” ceased to exist. The building acquired another floor, where the House of Pilots was situated.

Modern Hotel Building

In late August 1943 the city was barbarously destroyed by German bombers. The hotel building shared the fate of thousands of other buildings of the city.

Restoration of the modern hotel on the original foundation began in 1948. The new hotel building emerged on the site of the House of Pilots. It was opened in 1956. The hotel was named after the city of Stalingrad, since 1961 Volgograd.

The new five-storey building in Stalin’s Empire style became a part of the architectural plan of the city center. High ceilings, strict linear shapes combine with elegant vaulted arches, moderate moldings, columns, wide balconies. The main features of the internal layout were saved according to the pattern of the first project.

Rich Hotel History

The hotel has really become “a part of our age”. The hotel building is surrounded by the witnesses of the city history: the old poplar which survived the war, the monument to the citizens died during the Civil War, the department store building where Field Marshal General Paulus was captured in the basement.

Throughout more than a century of its history our hotel has been chosen by true heroes, bright and outstanding individuals. Among them are Mikhail Sholokhov, Hugo Chavez, Nikolay Dobronravov, Dmitry Yazov and Alexandra Pakhmutova. Nowadays show business celebrities, famous actors, film stars, scientists and politicians stay at our hotel.