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Volgograd is a hero city located in the south-eastern European part of Russia on the right bank of the Volga river. At the city border you can see a monument with the inscription “Tsaritsyn – Stalingrad - Volgograd”.

Volgograd is one of the most beautiful cities where industrial and cultural potential is concentrated.

  • Volgograd Arena Stadium
  • Panoramic view of the city
  • Volgograd at night. View on the Motherland Monument.
  • Change of the Guard. Mamaev Hill
  • Night Mamev Hill. Ruined walls
  • Children's Khorovod Fountain
  • Panoramic view. Bridge across the
  • Volzhsky hydroelectric power station
  • The Locomotive Monument
  • Mamaev Hill. Pantheon of Fame
  • Pavlov House
  • Volga–Don Canal
  • Mamaev Hill. Lake of Tears
  • Metrotram station
  • Volgograd city centre
  • Central embankment
  • Alley of Heroes. View on the Volgograd Hotel
  • Mayak Restaurant
  • Volga Parusa Apartament
  • Art Fouintan

Due to the harsh past military attractions make up a large part of all the interesting sites of the city. If you want to honor the memory of the ancestors who laid down their lives during the Second World War, Volgograd is perhaps one of the best places for it.

Mamaev Hill

Mamaev Hill

Mamaev Hill is the biggest memorial complex dedicated to the victory of the Soviet soldiers in the Second World War. Located at the height 102, it was the main element in the defense of Stalingrad Front and became the key position in the fight for the Volga banks.

Its central monument is the well-known “Motherland is calling!”, which is one of the seven wonders of Russia. It is undoubtedly a symbol and architectural landmark of the city.

The sculpture can be seen from all points of the city, as well as a few kilometers away, from ships arriving in Volgograd. It is the biggest sculpture in the world; its weight is 8000 tons.

Museum Complex “Stalingrad Battle”

Museum Complex “Stalingrad Battle”

The Museum Complex “Stalingrad Battle”, is the largest exposition in Russia devoted to the Battle of Stalingrad. It includes Panoramic Museum “Stalingrad Battle”, Historical Memorial Complex “To the Heroes of Stalingrad Battle” in Mamaev Hill, Memorial Historical Museum (Museum of Tsaritsyn Defense), Statue of Lenin by the entrance into the Volga-Don Canal.

The Museum Complex “Stalingrad Battle” is a must-see, the history of Russia and the whole world happened here. Pavlov House is a symbol of courage and fortitude of the Soviet soldiers. The old mill is indeed a unique place as well. During restoration of the city it was remained as it was in order to be a real-life image of the destructive Battle of Stalingrad.

Alley of Heroes

Alley of Heroes

The Alley of Heroes, the department store building where on January 31, 1943 Field Marshal General Paulus was captured in the basement, the Eternal Flame in the Square of Fallen Fightersis a single architectural ensemble in memory of the courage and heroism of all the defenders of the city.

Volgograd Arena Stadium

Volgograd Arena Stadium Volgograd Arena Stadium is situated on the Volga river shore not far from the Mamayev Hill Monument.The Stadium can seat up to 45 000 spectators and will be the venue for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in June 2018.

Theaters and Cultural Entertainment

Theaters and Cultural Entertainment

There are attractions in Volgograd not associated with the feats of arms of Stalingrad people as well. The theater life of Volgograd is rich and interesting. Performances of Don Cossack Theater are well-known both in Russia and in other countries. It is the only theater in Russia which performances are completely based on historic and folk traditions of the Cossacks.

The repertoires of Volgograd Musical Theater, New Experimental Theater, Theater of the Young Viewer, Puppet Theater, Youth Theater and Theater of One Actor are of great interest.

Such Volgograd attractions as, the Planetarium, the railway for children, the central embankment of the city, the Cathedral of All Saints and the Church of John the Precurser should be also pointed out. However, this is not the full list of notable places which are worth visiting.

It is no doubt that Volgograd leaves no one indifferent. It is good to come and stay here for a few days in order to enjoy the atmosphere and the spirit of the city which did not give up and survived in spite of everything.

Volgograd Hotel

Volgograd Hotel

The Volgograd Hotel is located in the very heart of the hero city of Volgograd, just a few steps from the main attractions. On the map you can see the location of the hotel and the distance to the places which you may be interested in.

Take some time out of your work schedule and enjoy visiting a museum, a theater, cultural sites or a nice cruise along the Great Russian River Volga.

Please feel free to ask the reception staff any questions that you might have about the local attractions.

List of Attractions

In the map you can see the location of the hotel and the distance to the places which you may be interested in.